Walk with the author down memory lane

The Old Man and Me, Charles Larlham

As I was reading The Old Man and Me, I felt as though I was enjoying a long stroll with the author, down a country lane, listening to stories of his youth and young adulthood. His memories brought back my own, long buried memories. Chuck Larlham lived a life far more interesting than mine, and I was mesmerized.

His old man bought a farm, with house, barn, chicken coups, and everything imaginable. With that farm came a pony. The pony was blind, but gentle and quite rideable. A young boy's every wish come true.

On that farm, young boys were put to work, either farming the land, mucking out the corrals and chicken coups, helping neighbors when needed (literally `farmed out'). Once in a while, they actually were paid for their work.

The author joined 4-H, and within two years, he had raised 750 chickens, made a profit from the eggs and won 4-H Championship awards (both years). There were more championships to come.

As he grew older, ruined a few cars the old man had bought him, he went to college, and later joined the army. He was then a young man.
I'll not go further, except to say that I will always remember this endearing book and stroll down memory lane.

I give this a 5 star rating, and look forward to his next book, anxious to walk down that beautiful country path and hear stories of him as an adult.

~R.A Britain



The Old Man and Me: Extraordinary Stories from an Ordinary Childhood Post WWII  

Now Available at Amazon and  Barnes & Noble.

 The Old Man and Me: Extraordinary Stories from an Ordinary Childhood Post WWII is the first in an envisioned three (or four) volume series of books, each of which will contain about fifty vignettes of pieces of my life. You’re going to learn a lot about one boy’s life growing up on a farm and moving on in life from there. From that life, you’ll have learned a lot about how Americans who lived in small towns and farming communities survived and grew after the end of WWII.

The early stories are very short, incomplete memories written from the memories of a two or three year old child. The first chapter is written from the stories the Old Man and Mother told me. But the stories from the time I was five are my own memories. I’ve written the stories from the movies in my mind. We lived in the country from the time I was about five, and bought our own farm when I was eight (it came with a pony!).

The stories will tell you how I spent my entire life with pretty much the same classmates, even though we moved, and there were some additions as consolidations with a couple of small districts occurred. The stories also describe my life on the farm, during a house remodeling that lasted years, and they end with a little bit about my life as a college student, a soldier and a graduate student.

Have you ever eaten in a restaurant where the walls are covered by farm implements you can’t figure out? Stuff you can’t imagine a use for? Well, I can tell you what they are, and what they’re for. In fact, I’ve used most of them. You’ll learn how I learned to ride a horse, take care of animals, grow a garden, cook like a hillbilly chef and drive stick-shift vehicles. You’ll understand how it felt when I got hurt, got sick, won prizes for 4-H projects and ultimately married the prettiest girl in my college class. This book is a lot of fun, wrapped around a lot of information.

The stories are true. They happened when and where the stories say they did, but there is one caveat... no one memorizes the dialogue of his life. I remember and have included specific dialogue that I do remember, statements that struck me so strongly that I never forgot them, but for the most part the dialogue is written to help “show” the story rather than “tell” it.

Now it’s late innings and I need to get on with my newest career of Author.

Book 1 Audiobook is here!

If you have a long commute, if you are or know someone who spends much of his/her day in a vehicle, this is the version you’re looking for. Short stories, told in a trip or two from home to work and back... light and easy listening, these are the stories that will get you there and through the day. Karl Leuba’s unforgettable reading voice (mine’s OK, but I cough too much) will sooth you into your working day, and out of that stressful day and into the bosom of your family. Don’t bring your work home with you... bring home instead the brightness and joy (and sometimes, to be honest, the less than joyful aspects) of a ‘50s childhood remembered.

Download from Amazon

Listen to audio chapters here

Read Chapter 28



The Old Man and Me – Book II
Stories I Didn’t Get to Tell You the First Time

Now Available at Amazon and  Barnes & Noble.

The Old Man and Me – Stories I Didn’t Get to Tell You the First Time continues the story of the author’s early life through the 1960s. It overlaps the first book, filling gaps among his original adventures. Ride along on a humpback bridge “jump” in a hot rod and take a Senior Class Trip to Washington, D. C.
Experience life as a farm boy trying to make his way in an exclusive small college, where a trip to Chesapeake Bay to study oysters becomes a study in eating raw oysters on an oyster boat.
Learn Army life as the author and his brother go through Basic Training. Spend a year with him at Camp Page, South Korea, where setting a field exercise by a horse radish field becomes a lesson in gas attack response. Walk among heroes, and learn what a Medal of Honor really means.
Back at college the author discovers the sophisticated girl he loves, happily loves her “educated hick” in return. Ride along on their midwinter honeymoon journey through America’s plains and mountains to grad school at Utah State U., where they endure the difficulties of being newlyweds under the pressures of grad school in an unfamiliar culture.





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