Mr. Larlham has written a book about his childhood and growing up with his father who he calls "The Old Man."

He brings back my childhood recollections. Like when he and his sibling would use a wash tub to go swimming in, which really was just big enough to sit in. My sister and I used a horse trough. He talks about how his father taught him and his brother how to box. Mama didn't support a few things that the Old Man decided to teach them. But that's a mother for you, always worried her children will get hurt, probably the nurse in her as well.

He also talks about the painstaking piano lessons his mother made him take, at which he never did get good and was relieved when his mother finally let him quit. I could go on and on about all the memories that he shares with us... a taffy pull, his first gun, first job.

"The Old Man and Me" is chock full of stories. I loved how Mr. Larlham included his sense of humor into the stories as well. He made me a laugh more than a few times thoughout the book.

I think a lot of us in the "older generation" can really appreciate Mr. Larlham's stories and how they will hit home with most of us that read this book.

Thank you for sharing your life and stories with us.

~Patricia L Foltz
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